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Sunday, July 5: Believe – and go!

by Trina Kleist

“Where did this man get all this?” We hear how people were amazed by the teaching and healing Jesus did during his ministry. Then, Jesus sends out his chosen Twelve to also preach and heal all who believe that Jesus is God’s son. Today, we are those witnesses, and we are sent out to testify to […]

Sunday, June 28: Believe, and be healed!

by Trina Kleist

Can I really be healed? We hear about Jesus healing a bleeding woman and raising a dead girl to life this Sunday at PEACE Lutheran Church. Many first-century people would have found aspects of these stories shocking. “This guy Jesus heals outcasts!” There he goes again, shaking things up! Come to worship and see what […]

Charleston shooting: Seeking solutions, shunning silence

by admin

Pastor Miller’s commentary: “We share the pain” I’ve been reflecting on the news and commentary surrounding the shooting last week at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. I see a fair amount of posturing, righteous indignation, fear, anger, twisted logic and empty assessments of blame. “The solution begins with individuals grappling with […]

Support “Night Ministry” with Second-Mile Giving

by Trina Kleist

During June, we at PEACE have the opportunity to support San Francisco Night Ministry through Second-Mile Giving. Night Ministry provides compassionate and non‐judgmental pastoral care, counseling, referral services and crisis intervention to those in any kind of need or distress during the night. Here’s what those at Night Ministry have to say about what they do: […]

June 21: Swamped? Call on the Calmer of Storms

by Trina Kleist

Is life tossing you about? It’s easy to feel swamped. Job, family, relationships, bills, repairs to vehicle or home, politics, the weather – they can seem beyond our ability to control. Here’s the good news: They are! That’s because God is in control, not us. In today’s Bible lesson, Jesus’ disciples were terrified of being […]

In Church on Sunday, June 14: Nest in Jesus!

by Trina Kleist

At church this Sunday, we hear a reference to the cosmic tree of life in which all the birds of the air are nesting. The tree we gather around is the cross of Christ. Come be a bird on this tree! “The Kingdom of God… is like a mustard seed which, when sown upon the […]