Sermons by Pastor Eileen Smith Le Van

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Women, Wells, Water… Wow!


Today is Women’s Thankoffering Sunday! Women who encountered God in very powerful and unexpected ways – that’s the theme of this morning’s three scripture readings. Today we celebrate Women’s Thankoffering Sunday; but I don’t want any of you men to feel excluded. You’ll see that the end of this morning’s journey is the realization that, […]

The Parable of Steadfast Love… Not Sacrifice!


God asks, What sacrifice will it take? Martin Luther, the man whose name is the root of our denominational identity, summed up the mysterious dilemma of our relationship to our creator by declaring that human beings are both “sinner” and “saint.” Not that we bounce back and forth between the two, but that we are […]

Is God violent?


A new look at the parable of the king’s banquet One of the most persistent struggles I have faced in my faith life, is trying to reconcile the places in scripture where it seems as though God is being portrayed as using violence, and yet Jesus’ entire life and ministry bears witness to a God […]