Experience Taizé worship with chants, prayer

On the third Wednesday evening of each month, PEACE Lutheran Church will see candlelight filling the darkened Sanctuary. Chants of simple-yet-sacred words set to modern-yet-timeless music will fill the room with this Taizé style of prayer.

Taizé is a pattern of worship that developed in the Taizé monastic community of France in the 1940s. It started as a consciously ecumenical effort, inviting Protestants, Catholics and others on a spiritual path to explore the spirituality of unity, prayer, Bible readings, chants, silence and service.

This ancient way of seeking God holds remarkable meaning and appeal in our modern age, distracted as we are by noise and overwhelming social connection of every kind.

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PEACE is at 828 W. Main St., Grass Valley, Calif. – near downtown. We have ample of parking.